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Walk Wrap-up

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Remember my last post when I was worried about making it to my goal? Guess what, not only did I make my goal, but I raised 162% of my goal – $323.18!! Thanks everyone!

Since the college I work at is in walking distance of where the event was held, the team met at the school and we walked over. It was exciting to see so many people there. There were a few huge teams and quite a few small family teams. I kept looking at the other teams, trying to figure out who they were walking for. Mostly I was just looking for pumps clipped to waistbands. 🙂

The MiniMed pump skin lizard wished us well and we started the walk.

We couldn’t really afford to make personalized team t-shirts, so we wore matching shirts instead. I think we looked pretty good!

We ran as much as we could but it was REALLY HOT! It was about 86 degrees in West Palm by 10 AM when we started. We were walking right on the intracoastal though, so it was beautiful and there was a nice breeze. You can see the water behind me in the picture at the bottom of this post. Notice how I am walking one direction and the people in the background are walking in the other. We actually finished just behind the pace car!

One of the local sandwich shops provided lunch so we sat down to eat and watch the rest of the activities. There were a few student dance troupes, a live band, and last but not least a doggie fashion show. The one in the wig took first place!

I spent a little time talking to the MiniMed rep. More on that in a later post. While I was there I met a family of 4 pumpers. The dad and three of his children all pump! Wow, that’s gotta be some good insurance!! My the time I was done talking with the rep, the activities were pretty much over. We walked back to the school and went our separate ways.

It was a great day and a good first JDRF experience. I look forward to participating again next year and setting my fundraising goal even higher!


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  1. Congrats on meeting (and exceeding) your goal! That’s really awesome!

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