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I am either talking to myself or answering the latest meme with questions from Sarah:

1. What purpose does your blog serve in your life?
My blog started as a way for me to stay in touch with friends and family that I had recently moved away from. However, they don’t seem to read or comment very often. Somehow I discovered the Diabetes OC and started blogging about my diabetes more. I try to maintain a combination between diabetes and the other crazy parts of my life in my posts. You know, like my cat getting stuck in a plastic bag last night.

2. What character trait of yours do you think is most recognized by others? What character trait of yours do you think is most valuable?
My sarcasm is my most recognized trait – not always positively! What can I say – I like a good dry joke!
I think my most valuable trait is my resiliency, dealing with or putting up with things that would defeat others.

3. What animal do you think is most akin to you?
Wow – this is a hard one. Umm, a cat? I never turn down a chance for a nap. 🙂

4. If you were forced to choose between Dino Cicarelli and Claude Lemieux for an interesting if not romantic date, whom would you choose? And why?
Well, considering they are both at least 20 years older than me – they would both be robbing the cradle a little. Also – FYI – I hate hockey. I went to one Mighty Ducks game when I lived in California and was totally bored.
They both seem to be quite the characters that have trouble playing with others. I guess Dino because he is a little cuter.


Horrible reason – I know!

5. If you had acquired the power to heal, but were limited to the healing of only one person, whom would you heal?
Sarah, for someone who didn’t know if they could write good questions, these are really hard.

My first thought was Chip Anderson. He was one of my professors in graduate school and was one of the biggest proponents of the Strengths movement – taking it from the business world to education. His goal was to revolutionize the way the educational system works. Find out more here and here. And buy a book – it will change your life!

However, then I started thinking about my family. I never met my paternal grandfather, as he passed away before I was born. I would have really liked to have met him. I think I would heal Grandpa Stan.

If you are one of the few that have not done this yet – leave me a comment and I will try to come up with some questions for you!

Happy Easter!


2 responses

  1. Sara- ask me!

  2. MileMasterSarah

    thanks for answering my questions! It was really hard to think of questions that were fitting for you! And even then, I’m sorry you don’t like hockey…I chose Claude Lemieux and Dino Ciccarelli for your “night out” question because I’ve been in love with their hockey playing style (which was annoying at best and well annoyingly awesome at most!) for as long as I can remember, and I hoped you would find your choices amusing at best! I like the healing your Grandpa Stan bit. That was very sweet.

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