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Even A Yes or No Would Work

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As part of my job, I help students figure out what they want to do with their lives. Well, the first step is to remind them that they don’t have to figure out the rest of their lives now – how about the first year or two?!?

Anyway, one of the ways I work with them is through career assessments. One of the assessments I use is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Basically, this assessment measures your preferences in certain situations or when faced with certain decisions. Although not as reliable as the ‘real’ assessment, you can take a free version here.

My personal results are an ENTJ. This means that I:

  • E – get my energy from being around people
  • N – take in information in patterns and impressions and see things as they could be not necessarily how they are. People who score highly on this scale tend to be visionaries.
  • T – tend to make decisions based on logical analysis, pro/con lists, cause and effect. I like decisions that can be universally applied.
  • J – my world needs to be organized, structured, and under my control. I like closure and having things settled.

All that to say, my levels of “J” are off the charts. I score the highest on this scale that is possible. I thrive off making a decision, knowing what is going to happen, and sticking with it. CLOSURE!

This part of my personality becomes a problem when many areas of my life are unsettled. When there are more questions and possibilities than answers.

Like they are right now.

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  1. i took one of these and i was enfj. but, my scores are all on the not so extreme end.

    i took this at

  2. The last time I took one the Myers-Briggs tests, I was an INFP, with the P/J function right on the line. Which means, you have to have a plan, but I get to change it when I want to. Tee hee!

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