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Oh My Gosh! It Smells Like…

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As I have said before, I work at a college in a moderately urban area. Moderately meaning it is not New York City or LA but there are a lot of high-rises, parking and traffic issues, and not a lot of vegetation.

Anyway, back to the story. I arrive at work this morning and walk in the back entrance. Suddenly I am accosted by one of the worst smells that I have ever experienced. I was walking up the stairs with one of my co-workers and we literally held our breath and our noses and ran up the rest of the flight of stairs.

The conversation the rest of the morning in the office was what exactly the stairwell smelled like. Poop, vomit, poop on top of vomit, raw sewage, you get the idea… My favorite description was that it smelled like someone found a poopy baby diaper and vomited all over it.

Basically, it smelled BAD!!!

Soon after, the custodians began to ‘clean up’ the smell. It began to smell like vanilla coated sewage by 11. A little later I was walking down the same stairwell and asked the custodians if they had figured out what the smell was coming from.

You guessed it… it was (how can I put this?) exactly what we thought it was. Their best guess was that sometime during the weekend a homeless person found his/her way into the stairwell and ‘dropped some kids off at the pool’!!!! Unbelievable!

What makes it even more unbelievable it that right at the top of the stairs – an unlocked bathroom!


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  1. being a custodian is hard work! i hope they are treated well by the college.

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