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I spent this weekend in Merritt Island, FL with leaders from the school where I work. These students are the leaders of the leaders (if that makes sense), so the weekend was basically a training for them on team building.

We used Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I really enjoy his books and the way he presents them. He usually starts with a fictional story and then uses that story to share his ideas.

I am currently reading his book Death by Meeting along with the rest of the staff I work with because we HATE, HATE, HATE staff meetings. We get along with each other and even hang out socially a lot but dread the weekly staff meeting. I am about half way through the book and can definitely see my staff in his story – I am really looking forward to reading about ideas on how to fix our problem.

Merritt Island is north from where I live – right by Cape Canaveral and about 45 miles from Orlando. I think it is a totally different climate. The ‘nature’ was very different – I think I saw a few actual trees and it was about 10 degrees cooler than West Palm.

We stayed at a summer camp that is obviously not in use right now. The cabins were nice and the ones we were in were right on a lake with a huge deck. There was a giant rope swing that went over the lake. I don’t really know how to describe it. There were about 4 ropes attached. You could theoretically get a running start and swing all the way around (like a merry-go-round) and go over the lake and end up back on dry land. Or like some of the students, you could jump for a rope that was dangling in the water – miss it – and end up covered in pond scum. They warned us about the water – it hasn’t rained much so the bacteria content was really high.

There was also an alligator in the water. It was only about 4 feet, but for me an alligator is an alligator and I was not really interested in taking chances. The picture below is of two of the students who got in a paddle boat to take a closer look but got stuck on a rope line in the middle of the lake.

Overall, it was a great weekend but I ate WAY TOO MUCH! Time to get back on track this week. 🙂

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  1. Oh wow, that looks like fun!

  2. hahaha. i am geographically challenged. i read “west palm” and think… west: west coast? palm: palm trees. i know! she must live in southern california! lol. but you live in alligator country. swamps and all. someday i have GOT to visit florida. ^0^

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