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What Else Ya Got?

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So, I posted a few days ago with a question for how to carry the stuff I need (meter, glucose tabs, ID, etc) while I am running/working out outdoors. I also posted the same question in the Diabetes Daily forum.

I got no suggestions here, and two there.

1. A fanny pack. I just can’t. Maybe because it is too ’80s, maybe because it is too big. Maybe because I can’t stand that it is called a fanny pack.

2. A camera bag. I don’t think I can find one small enough or one I don’t have to carry over my shoulder.

I was thinking something small – something designed for diabetics in this situation. Help? Anyone? Please?


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  1. I might be able to tell you the answer to this question if I knew it myself. Maybe something with lots of pockets. Maybe a double up pump pouch from pump wear inc? Sorry, can’t help you much.

  2. Have you tried anything from Pump Wear Inc?

  3. Sara

    I live with a small bag from Eagle Creek. It’s lasted me many years and it transforms into a fanny pack (horrible name).

    Maybe go into an REI or LL Bean store and just see what they have for carrying things.

    Best of luck. I know just how important this is.

  4. i run alot too. but, i never thought i would find something i like, so i just carry things in pockets. glucose tabs and all. i try to always buy running pants and running shorts with good pockets. and then if it is cold, i buy the big pocketed sweatshirts.

    if i find anything i will let you know though! and keep us posted if you find anything decent!

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