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A Moral Dilemma?

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I have two cats that love to follow me around my apartment (right now one of them is lying next to me as I type). They also love drinking water out of the toilet even when their water dish is completely full.
I was brushing my teeth on Saturday when I heard a funny noise. Seems that Rose had fallen into the toilet back feet first… and she was stuck. I think her feet had gotten stuck in the ‘hole’.
She did not meow, she did not flail, she just looked up at me with this pitiful face.
Here is where the moral dilemma begins. The thought ran across my mind, do I get the camera and take a picture or video of her or do I save her right away?
I chose to rescue her, but now I am wondering if I made the wrong decision. George probably would have even featured me next Tuesday.
Gratuitous cat pictures 🙂

Bess likes to ‘play dead’

Nap Time

I think it’s best not to ask about this one!


5 responses

  1. Oh my goodness, they are adorable! I love the feet on the black and white one.

    And while I’m glad you saved the toilet-swimmer, part of me wishes you took the picture. 😉

  2. Im not a cat lover . But not a cat hater either (unless they scratch the bajaeebers out of my leather furniture). But i think your cats look frumpy and comfy (that is a good thing).
    I have my own image of the toilet bowl incident.

  3. Adorable kitties…must admit I would’ve had to snap a picture before the rescue 🙂

  4. I am wondering why you just don’t put the seat down to save the cat from falling in when you are not at home? Silly Sara


  5. I would have titled it, ” Don’t flush the feline!”

    Thanks for the mention and those pics are too cute! I am very happy you chose to save your kitty. That was a good choice!

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