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It’s been a few days since my last post so I figure I am due. Let’s see…

Work is going to be quiet next week, as I work at a college and the students have the week off (Spring Break).

I return my Dexcom sensor on Tuesday. I have really enjoyed having it, but will not be purchasing. Way too much $$ for something that is not yet perfected. In a year or two (if I don’t need a new pump), I might consider it. I will really miss being able to press a single button and get an estimate of my blood sugar any time I want 🙂

I am still working on the Symlin. I am delaying most of my bolus with it, but I am still climbing way post meal. I have had a little nausea too, but I am stubborn so I haven’t given up yet.

The OC New Me check-in is this weekend. I have been working pretty hard and I think I will meet my goal this time – as long as I don’t ruin it this weekend. 🙂

My co-workers and I are trying to figure out if we will volunteer at the local JDRF Run/Walk in April or if we will actually run/walk. What do you think I should do?


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  1. Hi Sara, your blog post turned up in my Google news alert. I have found that if I take my meal bolus after my bg has hit 120 mg/dL following a meal, I will hit 200 before coming back down. If I really miss the boat and bolus when I have reached 160 post-meal, I will go up to 250 or higher. For me, the sweet-spot/ideal bg level at which to take my meal bolus is 80-100 mg/dL. Hope this helps a little. I have been on Symlin for a year and it took me a good 5 months to get the hang of it. My DexCom (have been on it since Oct. 2006) helps me keep an eye on my bg so I can time the Symlin right…would be so nice to have insurance coverage for it.

  2. Sara

    What made you decide not to keep it? I assume it was at least partially due to cost.

    Did they offer you any kind of deal to hang onto the Dexcom? I’m curious because I’m wondering about negotiating with them about this.

    Any info would be much appreciated. If you want to e-mail me directly, get me at:

    bernard dot farrell at gmail dot com

  3. Sara

    I goofed on my email address. It should be

    bernardfarrell at gmail dot com


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