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The Diabetes Discount

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I think what irks me the most about this whole prescription situation is not the times when I refilled both prescriptions together (for which I will now be getting my money back $100- $150), but the times when I refilled them separately but within weeks or days of each other.

I don’t even know how to do the math on that. If I refill them about every month and I have had this particular insurance for 16 months… I think I overspent by about $200-$250!!!

I reread all my insurance paperwork – there is nothing mentioned. How in the world should I have known about this?! Should I have called when I first joined and asked if they have any special deals for diabetics?!?!

It just doesn’t seem right.


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  1. ive never even heard of that discount before. And I doubt they would be trying to advertise how to save you money, as opposed to helping them make more money. Perhaps I am just bitter where insurance companies are concerned!

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