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DexCom 2 (Day 2 That Is)

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Doesn’t that sound like something out of StarTrek? “Captain we need to go to DexCom 2!”

Anyway, I am currently in the middle of the second day of my DexCom trial (i.e. DexCom 2). The company rep was very nice and it basically going to let me keep the system until the two sensors sets included do not work anymore. Considering I am only supposed to have it for 6 days, and that I may end up keeping it for a few weeks, I think it was very generous. 🙂

I will post in a few days about the guy that was getting the trial at the same time – awkward and hysterical all at the same time!!

Overall, I like the system. If I thought I had a chance of my insurance covering it, it is something I would pursue. I do have some questions about the accuracy, as it has disagreed with the meter by 30+ points on several occasions.

It has also been very interesting to see how time of day is probably playing a role in the effectiveness of my insulin. Breakfast and dinner have made my levels jump through the roof, while lunch barely broke the horizontal line of values. I knew almost the exact carb value of all three meals. I have also probably corrected (or overcorrected) for one or two lows that I probably would not have realized I was experiencing without the DexCom. It has also taken everything within me not to ‘rage bolus’ (read: horrendously overcorrect for a high blood sugar sending the results plummeting into hypoglycemia) every time I see the graph sliding up.

Edited to add: I have been pumping for three years and I have never had a bad site. Until of course tonight… My graph looks awful!!!

My current plan is to continue to use the first sensor with typical eating and medication levels and use the second sensors to see the effects of Symlin.

(I am sure that my non-d readers find this type of post boring but I know that I have learned a lot about the newest devices and drugs from other blogs and would love to think that someone may have the same experience with mine)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. How is Dexcom 2 different from the one currently available? Are you at liberty to say?

  2. I changed the title so I wouldn’t confuse anyone else. I just meant two as in ‘day 2’. Strike one on creativity for me I guess!! 🙂

  3. hi sara. i’m cassandra. just happened upon your site. the dexcom 2 sounds awesome. wish i was living somewhere where trials were possible.

    i like the term “rage bolus”, it’s the first time i ever heard it, but of course, i have done this quite a few times…

    cheers and happy valentine’s

  4. Hi Sara –

    I have a couple of comments. I’ve been using DexCom since last June and before that did a trial with the minimed sensor and pump for 6 months.

    When you were 30 points off, was it still within the 20% range. I mean, if you r BG was 200, your meter might read 20%low and dex 20% high and they’d still both be “right”. (One reason I hated the minimed system was it would be way off when I was low – like I tested at 30 and minimed thought I was 180! Dex has not usually been that bad).

    I’ve found that on the first day or two, the sensors are much less accurate. I usually try for 9 days on mine – occasionally gone as high as 12 days. Don’t be afraid to keep restarting, even if it tells you the sensor is bad. Perserverance usually pays off.

    I’m curious to see how Symlin works for you. What I found is I had to do my usual bolus, but only 20% up front and the rest over an hour. Then, three hours after a meal I would spike to 350-400. It happened every time I took the Symlin and didn’t happen when I skipped it. I figured that was worse than not taking symlin and getting my usual immediate post meal spike of 250 or so. So I gave up on Symlin entirely, but I may give it another try in the future…

    Any DexCom questions, you can let me know!

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