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Anniversaries and Birthdays!

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It may have less days, but it has all the excitement!

  • My birthday (2/13)
  • (celebrating in ’05 with a banana cake – YUM!)

  • My first and only trip to the Emergency Room – admitted with a blood sugar of 713. (2/4/03 ~ 1:00 AM)
  • Spent four days in the hospital with DKA and finally received an accurate diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes – after a series of doctor and PA errors bordering on malpractice. As they slowly lowered my blood sugar and replaced my severely low potassium, I learned how to give myself shots at least 3x per day (2/4-8/03).
  • Started using my Paradigm 512 insulin pump (2/04).
  • Received a phone call that my mom was in the hospital after a car accident in which her head hit the windshield (glad the memory loss was only temporary Mom! :P) (2/11/06)
  • I wonder what will happen this year…

2 responses

  1. here’s hoping it’s a much less hectic February!

    Happy almost Birthday!

  2. I think this should be your February off!

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