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Update On The Run

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I am headed off to the gym but wanted to get off a quick update before I go.

I went to the endocrinologist today. Got my lab work back – everything looks good and my A1C was 6.8. I think it is pretty good but I am a perfectionist so I would like to be in the lower 6’s.

I showed her my logbook from Kevin and she was very impressed with the layout.

I have been having a lot of early morning lows, and while I usually adjust my basals myself I thought that since I had an appointment coming up I would talk to her about it. I figured we would lower my dawn phenomenon basal rate, but she lowered my 3 PM – 3 AM rate (I exercise in the evening) instead. I will give her idea a shot but I think that I will be lowering my dawn rate in a week or so as well.

After reading Bernard’s blog I also asked her about Symlin. She hooked me up with a free trial. We shall see…

She also hooked me up with a continuous monitoring device for a few days – I refuse to get it for real until my insurance covers more. We are going to monitor for a few days and then start the Symlin so I can keep a close eye on it. Now I just have to try to eat about the same things so I can really tell what is going on.

I also signed up for Medco mail-order prescriptions. It is supposed to save money, as long as they don’t leave the box sitting in the sun I am excited about that.

The office also gave me a bunch of free meters for the raffles in the OC New Me Challenge. I mean, who doesn’t want a free meter!

Oh, if you are trying to show your endocrinologist that you are trying to lose weight don’t wear a really cute outfit that requires knee-length black boots to your appointment!


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