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Me And Da Bears

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What do we have in common?

We are both LOSERS!!

As you know, I am a part of the OC New Me Challenge.

I have been working out like crazy these past few weeks to make the first deadline and lose five pounds. I lost a few pounds but not quite five.
I blame it on needing to correct for MANY low blood sugars due to (I think) better metabolism from the workouts (my favorite was 39 this morning!). At least I didn’t drop the ball (get it… the Bears dropped the ball… MANY TIMES!)

At least the Super Bowl proved one thing, it isn’t always sunny in South Florida – just usually!

See the red line – I started at the big black line to the right and I was trying to get to the medium black line to the left. What do you think? About half way?!? 🙂

Oh, and I was cheering for the Bears, I always root for the underdog!


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  1. Sara

    Did you subtract the weight of the camera? Depending on the make, that can weigh over a pound.

    There’s always next month. Maybe we’ll both do better next month.

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