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Where Was I?

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In an effort to make a little extra money I worked at an “event” this weekend. Any guesses where I was?

  1. There were more hairpieces than an AARP convention.
  2. The food available consisted of hot dogs, churros, chicken strips, and my new favorite food arepas (which – by the way – cannot be healthy).
  3. Children as young as four were dressed in miniskirts and tiny tops – about 12 inches of belly showing. 😦
  4. It involved a series of events called ‘match play’

Any guesses?


4 responses

  1. oh yea & ps…..

    I LOVE YOU!!

  2. uh….a beauty pagent?? oh wait no…..the fair?? oh wait not the season for those…..ummm a concert?….or tennis tourny??? i’m going with my last guess.

    ps…..sorry i never called you back (slacker i know) i switched medicines (explain later) & well haven’t been doing so well……

    interview went great (thx to ur help!) and i got a call back an hour after i got home from the interview. i did a one-on-one interview w/the director on jan. 2 and it seemed REALLY positive. she told me she wanted somebody hired by the end of this month……still waiting to hear. did a follow-up e-mail to her (after my written thank you note) and she said the process was just taking time so yea.

    how are you??

  3. CPT, one of your guesses is correct but not the last one!
    Give me a call sometime!!

  4. I have no clue. I guess Beauty Contest.

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