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Signs You Are Getting Older

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  1. You ask for really practical things for Christmas – like gifts cards so you can buy new bedding.
  2. The gift cards you get are for JCPenney – I never thought I would shop there in my teens.
  3. You reedem above gift cards for a quilt and matching pillow shams – really a QUILT?!?!? Who buys a quilt?!
  4. You really like the quilt!!
  5. Finally – old episodes of Friends are now a little funnier because the stuff starts to apply to you. Thanks a lot Marisa!! Seriously, I am like 7% happy! Really! 🙂


I really liked the daisies for a few years – but I have had them for oh, about 6 years. They needed to retire.


(the cats really like it too!)

P.S. See – Marisa, I really need new artwork to match!

P.P.S. While Friends is getting funnier, this isn’t…


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  1. that award is HILARIOUS!

    the other painting still works for the decor. 🙂

    peace out yo! i’m off to freeze my butt off!

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