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Where Is Everybody?

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This is the view from the parking lot on Friday at about 9 AM. I can’t remember the last time I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and frankly I thought there would be more people. There was even a spot three spaces from the entrance. It wasn’t until we were leaving around noon that the parking lot was actually full.

We did find some good stuff though. I was able to pick up some good stuff for my mom from Sephora – shh, don’t tell her :). I had some coupons for free stuff from a few other stores too!

The craziest part was when we were in Bath and Body Works. I was wandering around trying to spend my coupon, when I heard this huge crash. A lady had knocked over a glass shelf from one of the displays and it broke into 1000 tiny pieces. It broke the same way the back window of my car during Wilma – and I am still finding tiny shards in my trunk! Good luck to them! 🙂

Anyway, still looking for ideas for most everybody on my list

P.S. And I finally figured out how to send myself pictures from my cell phone
Edited to add an e-mail I received:
“Saw you both on the news last night. Yeah, News at 11pm was doing a story on the shoppers of the day after Thanksgiving. There you both were in a candid shopping shot at the Gardens Mall.




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