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Busy Weekend!

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I had a great time last weekend. I got to see a friend I had not seen in a while, and it was a BLAST! I drove across the state with a co-worker and met Heather who was in town for a family members wedding.

Sarasota was the biggest city near where she was so we headed there. On the way we passed a flea market. It was actually a ‘thieves’ market’ with a pirate theme – obviously prompting this picture. I am cracking up because right before the picture was snapped, the lady holding the knife to my throat says “Don’t move, this thing is real!”

We finally ended up at St. Armand (sp) Circle where they had a bunch of fun shops. We, of course, had to pose with Shelly the Shopper! The other exciting bit from that day was spotting Jerry Springer on the street. I found out later that he has a home in Sarasota and is there all the time. We didn’t say anything to him or take any pictures with him, mostly because we did not notice it was him until it was too late. Oh well… I promise it was him!

Sunday was the perfect end to the weekend. I headed off to the South Florida Fairgrounds with a friend for one of the best country concerts I have ever seen. It was Sugarland and Brooks and Dunn. I was super-excited about Sugarland as I have enjoyed them ever since ‘Baby Girl’ came out. The friend I went to the concert with said that concerts are great because you can tell if the person is good because they are processed in the studio or if they really are good. Let me tell you, Sugarland is REALLY GOOD! Jennifer Nettles was so funny. She would get quite a workout moving all over the stage and dancing around during each song. Then when everyone wold cheer after the song she would say in her best southern belle sugary-sweet voice, “Well, thank you. Thank you very much!”. It was hysterical!

They were followed by Brooks and Dunn. Let’s talk comparison here. When I saw Rascal Flatts at the same place they played 7, maybe 9, songs. Brooks and Dunn played 18 SONGS!! All of their best! One of the funniest parts was when I noticed that Dunn had on a HUGE belt buckle and leaned over to the friend I was there with and said “What’s up with the buckle?” Well, right after he finishes that song he says “So, I bet y’all are wondering about the buckle…” Turns out they had a stylist for their last video and she had him wear it. It was the only thing he kept, and now he is having second thoughts :)!
The one bad spot was the opening act. There was definitely something wrong with him! Jack Ingram. The best part was toward the end of his set when we think he is going to make some deep profound statement. He lays on his thickest southern twang and says “I’ve been around the world and I have seen a lot of interesting things. And I know one thing for sure (long dramatic pause) I’m Jack Ingram and I play country music!” Really, that is was touring the world has taught you?!?!?!Anyway, what did you do last weekend?


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