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Enough Is Enough!!

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As you all know, I watch an AMAZING amount of television.
I just finished watching Criminal Minds. I love the show, but at the end of it, it seems as though one of the characters is leaving the show. Elle Greenway, played by Lola Glaudini, quit under suspicious circumstances. Is it a coincidence that she is one of very few characters on that show that are anything but blond hair/blue eyed (with the exception of Shemar Moore)?

Last season, CSI:NY, Detective Aiden Burn, played by Vanessa Ferlito, is fired after she tampers with evidence. Also, with the exception of Hill Harper, one of the few on her show representing diversity.

Ghost Whisperer, with Jennifer Love Hewitt, used to have a really fun friendship between JLH character and the character played by Aisha Tyler. Suddenly, in last season’s finale, Aisha’s character is very suddenly killed off. And who do they replace her with, CAMRYN MANHEIM. Oh, yeah, that is a relationship that makes sense?!?!

And don’t get me started on the new CW! Why are all the shows from the UPN on the same night and receiving little to no promotion?! Right, because only the people who watch Everybody Hates Chris would like All of Us, The Game, and Girlfriends. [sarcasm – Yeah, that must be it] Let me tell you, if you like Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars, you would love Girlfriends!

I KNOW there are other examples, but these were all fresh in my mind. With the demographic picture of the US changing every day, wouldn’t it make more sense (at the very least financial sense) to add shows and characters representing the people watching those shows?
P.S. Don’t even get me started on daytime soaps!

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