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In The News Again!

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This article appeared in a local paper and was picked up by the AP! 🙂

****, Fla. — A university that has been searching for more effective ways to get out student information is taking their message to the toilets.

University’s blue newsletters, called Stall Talk, now hang above urinals and on stall doors in most campus restrooms.

Administrators at the Christian-based school said e-mails, posters and campus bulletin boards were just too easy to ignore.

Among the headlines in this month’s issue:”Getting Along with your Roommate,””Top 5 Places to Eat Off-campus”and”Top 10 Reasons to Consider Joining Campus Recreation Activities.”

Sheena Cunningham, 21, a senior at ***, loves the idea. She said students don’t always have time to read the campus newspaper. But they never miss Stall Talk.
“Everyone goes to the bathroom,”she told the ***.”It’s right there. You have no other choice but to read it.”


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