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I am so excited!! I have a new computer… and it is AMAZING! I was basically waiting for my old computer to completely fall apart so I could justify getting a new one. I had already added new memory so more than one program could be open at the same time. I had replaced the CD burner because that stopped working as well. Still, it was very slow and every so often would freeze for absolutely no reason. I got it my sophomore year of college so it had passed its prime.

Anyway, I have been looking for a desk I liked since I moved to Florida. I had the perfect gigantic desk from IKEA in California but it was so big that I could not move it. I built it in my room and it was literally too big to fit our any door or window!! As a result, my computer has been on a card table for about a year. Well, last week one of my bosses offered me a desk because his family was moving and they did not have room for it in their new place.

I unplugged my computer so that I could set up my desk. Got the desk in place, put the computer back together, pressed the on button and…absolutely nothing! Called Dad, he said unplug it and wait an hour to let (insert computer word I can’t remember here) cycle down and try it again. Did that…still nothing. Took the computer to Best Buy and they could not get it to work either. Meanwhile, I am totally freaking out because I thought I lost my entire hard drive.

The Geek Squad said that my hard drive was fine but that they did not know exactly what the problem was – likely the power supply. By the time they diagnosed the problem and I paid for parts and labor to fix it I would be paying more than the data transfer to download my hard drive to a new computer. Big decision…spend more money on a computer that was heading towards worthless/useless or put that money toward a new one. The balance on my Best Buy credit card was looking a little low – no worries about that anymore, but worth every penny! 🙂

Bes and the old computer

The New and Improved Version with a bit of the new desk 🙂


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