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Baked Potatoes and Survivor

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The school I work at is trying to increase attendance at sporting events. To do so, they are having a “Game of the Week” each week where a different group on campus is recognized. This past week is was the Welcome Week team. It was also “Couch Potato” night. The first 50 people that brought a couch to the game would receive a baked potato. Well, only one group of friends brought a couch, so it turned into the first fifty people who put a hand on the couch (which was mid-field at a soccer game) got a potato! I think it was one of the most random give-aways I have ever participated in. And no, it was not a coupon it was an actual baked potato with cheese, bacon bits, and sour cream for toppings!

On to Survivor… I am a big fan and have been watching since the beginning. I was very interested to see what they were going to do with the new season and the new tribe divisions. I thought it was a pretty good episode but nothing spectacular. First, the tribes were not divided by “race” as was said several times, they were divided by “ethnicity” if you are going to use any term at all. Also, was does it say when they had to use special recruiting tactics to get enough non-White participants, something inherently wrong with the system? I thought in this new set-up the same-old – same-old stereotypes in filming and editing would not be true but that seemed about the same as the other seasons. The “characters” seem to all still be playing roles – “lazy guy”, “angry guy”, “weird old guy”, “quiet housewife”, etc. It would be nice to see them tell some other type of story by Season 13!!! Does this mean I am going to stop watching it? No, of course not. I AM HOOKED!!! I guess that is what they were counting on anyway 🙂


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