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Me and the Old Folks

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I went to see a new doctor on Friday – a hemotologist, and one of the nurses made a comment that pretty much sums up living around here. “Wow, we haven’t had a patient as young as you in here in a LONG TIME“. And it was true, I did not see anyone within about 40 years of me in the waiting room!! I will probably only have to go to that doctor once or twice more so I think I can handle it.

BTW, parking there was a nightmare! Why are hospitals always the hardest places to park?! If you are sick already, do they really want you driving around for twenty minutes just looking for a spot. One option at all the offices around here is valet parking :)! Half the time I use it because it is so much easier. The only charge is the tip so why not, right?!

In other news, after complaining about the water damage and mold since I moved in last October, it looks like the complex might actually start doing something about it. Every time it rains (which in South Florida is obviously very often) it leaks into my patio and storage room. Last week I got a note in my door with the amount for my new rent if I sign another year’s lease. To which I replied to them in an e-mail (so I could include pictures, some of which you see here) why in the world would I pay more for an apartment that you cannot apparently manage well in the first place!! I am not holding my breath for when these “repairs” will start, but this is the most progress we have had in almost a year. I REALLY don’t want to move but I also do not feel like my apartment is worth what they will now be asking for rent. My lease says I will give them 60 days notice so I have to decide in the next two weeks. I will keep you posted.

Pretty isn’t it? 😦


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