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On Friday, I went to the Sound Advice Amphitheatre…

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On Friday, I went to the Sound Advice Amphitheatre to see Rascal Flatts in concert. Gary Allan and The Wreckers opened for them. I am not a huge Gary Allan fan, but The Wreckers were pretty good. Random fact: when I saw the Dixie Chicks, Michelle Branch opened for them and now she is part of a country group herself. I had seen Rascal Flatts before during the KZLA Country Bash a few years ago, but because they were part of an all day event they did not play very many songs (or so I thought). After Friday night’s show, I now know that they just play a REALLY short show! It was pretty good though, although they had a sad set where they played all their slow songs (Sarabeth, I’m Moving On, Bless the Broken Road). I really wanted them to play Backwards – oh well, maybe next time. This ticket was part of a set – up next Brad Paisley on August 4th!

And now for the pictures you have all been waiting for – the famous cats with their summer shave. I tried to get good shots, but they were not being very cooperative. It was almost like they were embarrassed or something :). Oh well, it is already growing out quite a bit. Enjoy!


3 responses

  1. what have you DONE to those poor innocent cats?!

    How’s it going with Arthur and JD? Are you having fun yet?

  2. What in the world! “Summer shave?” I’ve never heard of doing a summer shave. Is this a Florida thing? 😉

  3. love the rascal flatts pics. gosh they are awesome.

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